Tuesday, April 5, 2011

*Side Note* Tea Tree Oil with Coconut Oil as anti-fungal athlete's foot treatment!

If you're noticing that I have a nasty habit of posting 387 different posts about the SAME products/ingredients, you would be noticing correctly. It's not from a lack of wanting to explore different ingredients, it's more about getting as many possible uses out of the ingredients I have already purchased.

Call me a Frugal Franny, but I just love to squeeze every ounce of usefulness out of these poor products. Let me just add, this is yet another added benefit of making products from home. You get to multi-task! You quickly find things like; what you bought to strengthen your hair can also double as a mildew cleaner. The benefits of making products from home just keep adding up!

OK, OK I'm done :) Now to the topic at hand: yes, coconut oil + tea tree oil makes a fungus killing athlete's foot treatment. I kind of made this product up, but it works! Someone who is (we'll just say, "a close friend") struggles with a pretty bad case of athlete's foot. I remembered stumbling across some things that said to apply tea tree oil directly to acne/fungal infections, etc. but that seemed a little spooky to me because I'm a little nervous about using any essential oil on skin directly, not to mention it would take more than a couple drops of oil to completely cover both feet. So I got to thinking, I know that coconut oil makes a good carrier oil, and I know that it also has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties... so the two together have to be a killer combo... right? Seems like it! After about a week and half of application, my "dear friend's" infection seems to have cleared up astonishingly so. This particular person is someone who has tried several different store bought and Dr. prescribed remedies, so needless to say, we were pretty impressed with the results!

Give it a try, or give it to your friend to try ;)

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  1. I am doing a test to see if tea tree oil cures nail fungus. I have been taking pictures of my toes every week to show others if it works and how long it might take to fix it. It’s teatreefornailfungus.com (non commercial). Hopefully this will help others with this problem decide if they should try it.

  2. What ratio of Tea Tree Oil to Coconut Oil do you use?

  3. Thanks for posting this. I had the same idea and decided to see if anyone had written about it. Have you considered adding probiotics to the mix?