Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sleep Walking

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What if I told you I knew the secret to great skin, better clarity of thought, better emotional control, stimulation of memory, (and hey, you'll even burn a few calories!) and all you had to do was lay there... doesn't that sound like a "dream?" Well guess what, I'm telling you that! Isn't it nice when your dreams come true :)

Sleep is the easiest (physically!) thing you can do to improve your all over quality of life. There's no personal trainers, no expensive food budget, no stress about how well you can do it, just do it! Some time management comes into play to ensure you're getting your full 7-9 hours, but other than that, just sit back and relax!

For those who cram every minute of every day full of ideas, activities, and plans, SCHEDULE SLEEP. Set your sleep time and do not negotiate. Set an alarm reminder in your phone, or on your calendar, whatever tool/device you use to keep on schedule. Once the alarm is set, make it happen. If you are finding that you never have your day's duties complete before your scheduled shut eye, schedule around your sleep. Reorganize in a way that maintains sleeping as a priority. If there is just nothing that can be taken off of your to do list, reassess how much you are taking on in a day. The bottom line is; if any aspect of your life interferes with a healthy sleep schedule, THAT aspect needs to be revised. No business transaction, social meeting, or fun activity is more important than your sleep. Not to mention, all of these things will suffer without proper sleep. If you are regularly skimping on sleep, I can confidently say there is a part of your life suffering. Plus, sleep is fun! When else can your mind run free and dream without judgement or consequence?

*Disclaimer: there will inevitably be times in your life where lack of sleep is not something that can be helped (early parenthood, college exams, a work project, etc) in these times, sneak in naps where you can and know that "this too shall pass" ;) *

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Is there a time in your life where you personally saw the benefits of improved sleep? Any tips or tricks to share on keeping a sleep schedule and sleeping well? Please share! Comment below or e-mail me at

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1,000 year bag... Made me think twice about what I throw out!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

It has begun! I've made my first products!!

As promised, I have made my first two products (listed in the post below titled "The First Products I will be making..."). I will continue using them for the next 2 weeks and report back on my final opinion. I was going to begin 1/15 but I had a big fat free day today and couldn't resist! Thinking about making one? Here is my experience...

If you haven't, try rubbing a tomato on your face while taking a picture.
This is something they don't teach you in school :)

1st The Tomato. (1 organic locally grown tomato= $1.79)
So this obviously isn't something I had to make, but it was a tip I listed in the post "The First Products I will be making..." and figured if I was suggesting it, I ought to try it! All you do is slice a ripe Tomato down the middle, rub it all over your face/neck, let it set for 5 minutes, then rinse with water.

I LOVED it! I had a slight moment of panic as I was lathering the tomato over every nook and cranny of my face. I was feeling so free, fresh, and happy as I felt the cool tomato juice soothing my skin, when unfortunately, in the midst of this, I was suddenly interrupted by a vivid memory of my Mother telling me that I was ridiculously allergic to tomatoes as a child. She informed me that the smallest taste of Ketchup would cause me to break out into a flaming red rash all over my face. Needless to say, my blissful moment of tomato lovin passed and I sat dreading what I may have just done to myself. Luckily, no rash (yet!) Instead my skin was left feeling tingly, clean, and firm! This is definitely going to be a repeat offense. I sliced the used part of the tomato off and stored the rest for another blissfully tomatoefied moment later this week.

OK, now to the good stuff!

Lemon squeeze. Before Straining.

Fennel Cleanser
Parts and Price:
(all found and purchased at Whole Foods)
1 organic locally grown lemon = $0.99
1 spice container of fennel seeds= $3.99
1 small spice container of Thyme= $1.99
Total: about $7-$8 with tax
(Price of jar not included. CLICK HERE to view different containers and estimate cost)

The Process: This was as easy to make as boiling a pot of water, because that's all you have to do! I ran into a few complications, but those were from a lack of planning ahead and not difficulty. I found that I have no strainer small enough to separate liquid from herbs, and no herb grinder to crush the Fennel seeds. I wondered later if you can buy them crushed? I ended up getting the job done, but aforementioned tools would have made it 10x quicker and easier!

Complaints: The smell of Fennel Seeds. It overpowered my little kitchen (granted, I had to dump the whole jar out and crush them) but I think it's safe to say I wont be searching for a Fennel seed perfume anytime soon. Luckily, once made and jarred, it has a very subtle lemon scent, but that's about it! My other complaint would just be that it didn't make a whole lot. If I decide to make it again I will most likely double the ingredients.

Compliments: Besides being fairly inexpensive and easy to make, it feels really good on your skin! You have to keep the mixture in the refrigerator, but the cool thin liquid feels amazing on your face. My skin after use feels surprisingly tight and soft. The tightness I was anticipating, but the softness surprised me.

Performance: I can't say too much about how it performs yet, because I've only used it once, but I'm excited to try it these next couple weeks instead of my usual face wash. *I will update my final thoughts on performance in two weeks*

What the Green Tea Came in

Green Tea Toner
Parts and Price:
Powdered Green Tea= approx. $1 (Whole foods has huge jars of powdered Tea. The one I chose was a/b $20 a lb and I took 2 teaspoons. I am merely a beauty products maker, so I will leave the math to those who choose!)
Water= $free.99
(Price of jar not included. CLICK HERE to view different containers and estimate cost)

The Process: Again, too easy! Just boil tea in water for 10 minutes, and ding! You've got a facial toner.

Complaints: Not trying this one until tomorrow am, but it is in a clear container and I have already noticed it separates... not sure how that will affect performance? Again, would probably double recipe if making again.

Compliments: Easy to make, as cheap as cheap gets.

Performance: Can't say yet, stay posted!

That's the Fennel on the left and Green Tea on the right.
Now I just have to make some cute little labels!

Well, that's what I've got for now! I must say, pouring my first products into their precious little containers and feeling the freshness of the Earth's products on my skin has got me more than a little excited about the projects to come, yippee!

Have you made, or will you be making one of these products? Questions, comments, or concerns about any of this? Let us know! Comment below or e-mail me at