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Questions about the blog

Always feel free to e-mail me or comment on any posts with questions/comments/concerns about blog topics, how to navigate through the blog, or just to talk about the weather! I will answer to the best of my ability and I appreciate the communication!

Here are a few questions I have received since starting the blog. I decided to post them in case anyone else was pondering the same things...

Q: Wait, so how do I sign up to be e-mailed when there is a new posting?
A: If you look in the upper right corner of the blog, there will be a white box that says "subscribe via e-mail." Simply put your e-mail address in the designated space and click "subscribe." You should then almost instantly receive an e-mail asking you to confirm that you reaaaally do want e-mails from NaturallyNourishing :). After confirming, you should be all set! If you do not receive an e-mail when a new post is added, try checking your spam box...

Q: Whoa, whoa, whoa, just how often am I going to get e-mailed?
A: So far, the e-mail service seems to consolidate that day's postings. This means, even if I am feeling inspired and post 97 times in 24 hours, you should just receive one, nice, compact e-mail for that day. So at most, I would say expect 1 e-mail a day (assuming I am posting every day).

Q: Why don't I get an e-mail or notification when someone comments after me on a post?
A: In order to receive an e-mail for everyone's comments (after yours) you need to "subscribe to comments." There is a button for this in the upper right of the blog under "subscribe to naturally nourishing". You will receive those e-mails with every new comment.

Q: Why can't I comment?
A: I have enabled the settings so that anyone can comment, so everyone should be able to comment but I know that some people have had problems. Unfortunately, without seeing what's happening when you try, I can't help too much. I know a few people who were having difficulty before were able to figure it out, perhaps they could respond to this post with ideas?

Q: I saw a post earlier I was interested in, but when I went back later to read it I couldn't find it?
A: The easiest method is to type a keyword for what you are searching for (i.e. face wash) in the google search box found on the top left of the blog under "search this blog!" If you don't see it there, scroll over to the left hand side of the page and scroll up or down until you see "blog archives." There you should see the titles of my most recent posts. These are filed bi-weekly. Click on the different two week ranges until you find what you are looking for. If you still can not find what you are looking for, e-mail me ( and I will send it to ya!

Q: Why are postings so irregular? Sometimes there are a bunch, then there are days with none?
A: In a nutshell, my life right now is irregular :) (and I wouldn't change it for anything, exciting things happening!) I have a schedule that is a little all over the place which prevents me from having a set time or day to post. I apologize for the lack of order, but am hoping it will fall into place eventually. One thing I can promise: I will do what I said I was going to do, when I said I was going to do it (i.e. if I said I was going to make a new product on a certain date, I promise I will make it on or before that date). Again, sorry for the erratic posting, just know your patience is appreciated!

Q: I think my friend would like one of these posts, how can I share it?
A: Underneath every post there are icons (i.e. envelope, facebook, etc) clicking one of those will enable you to share in the format you choose. To the right of the blog are also several icons to share on facebook, twitter, etc. Also, you can always copy and paste the link!

Q: Are you happy you started this?
A: I am thrilled! I am taking so much pleasure from learning new things and being pushed to create and try new things. I sincerely hope that even one of you will be able to attempt making at least one of these products. It is very freeing to think outside of the box and become more and more aware of how self-sufficient we and the world were built to be!

Well, I think that's the gist of it! If you have any other questions, let me know. You all are what inspire and push me to keep going and that is priceless, thank you!!


Nobody trips over mountains.  It is the small pebble that causes you to stumble.  Pass all the pebbles in your path and you will find you have crossed the mountain.  
~Author Unknown

While we're talking about aluminum foil

A reader submitted this article....

Is it harmful to cook or store food in aluminum foil?
We do not recommend cooking or storing food in aluminum foil-even though there is no strong scientific evidence showing these practices to be harmful to your health. We have three reasons for making this recommendation. First, even though research studies don't show the food use of aluminum foil to be harmful, they clearly show migration of small amounts of aluminum from the foil into the food. For example, in one study conducted in Italy about 2-6 milligrams of aluminum was found to move over into food from aluminum foils, cookware, and utensils. Even if this amount has not been show to pose health harm, we don't like our food containing a potentially problematic metal that wasn't naturally supposed to be there. 

Second, we believe that the jury is still out on aluminum with respect to chronic long-term health problems. (We're talking here about exposure to aluminum from all sources, including the environment, certain workplace settings, personal care products, etc.) Potential connections have been found between certain cancers and aluminum exposure, and also between aluminum exposure and Alzheimer's disease. Infertility connections have also been found. We don't see any reason to add potential exposure through the use of aluminum foil with food. 

Finally, we don't like the consequences of aluminum foil manufacturing for our planet. Aluminum remains on the federal government's list of priority toxins for the United States, and its mining, manufacture, and post-use disposal pose significant problems for our environment. From our perspective, while aluminum foil is definitely lightweight, flexible, and convenient, these upsides don't come close to outweighing the downsides here. 

·         Gramiccioni L, Ingrao G, Milana MR, et al. Aluminium levels in Italian diets and in selected foods from aluminium utensils. Food Additives and Contaminants. 1996; 13(7):767-774. 1996. 
·         Lopez FE, Cabrera C, Lorenzo ML, et al. Aluminum levels in convenience and fast foods: in vitro study of the absorbable fraction. Sci Total Environ 2002;300(1-3):69-79. 2002. 
·         Nayak P. Aluminum: impacts and disease. Environ Res 2002;89(2):101-15. 2002. 
·         Pratico D, Uryu K, Sung S, et al. Aluminum modulates brain amyloidosis through oxidative stress in APP transgenic mice. FASEB J 2002;16(9):1138-40. 2002. 
·         Rondeau V. A review of epidemiologic studies on aluminum and silica in relation to Alzheimer's disease and associated disorders. Rev Environ Health 2002;17(2):107-21. 2002. 
·         Soni MG, White SM, Flamm WG, et al. Safety evaluation of dietary aluminum. Regul Toxicol Pharmacol 2001;33(1):66-79. 2001. 
·         Sugita T, Ishiwata H, Yoshihira K. [Migration of heavy metals into food-simulating solvents from aluminum pans]. Eisei Shikenjo Hokoku 1988;(106):124-6. 1988. 

What do you think? As always, feel free to e-mail me at or comment below! Also, "subscribe via e-mail" in the upper right box to get e-mailed updates when new posts are added!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

12 Surprising ways to use aluminum foil

This was shared with me by a reader. Thanks Norma!!

12 Surprising Ways to Reuse Aluminum Foil

Wash it and use it again (and again): Just wash it in soap and water, flatten it out with a rolling pin on the kitchen counter, and it's good as new. (Caution: Foil that has come in contact with raw meat should not be reused for other food purposes.)
Sharpen scissors and garden shears: Fold used foil so that it's six to eight layers thick, then cut thru it a few times with dull scissors to instantly sharpen them. To sharpen hefty garden and pruning shears, fold the foil so that it's even thicker.
Reduce static cling: If you throw a crumpled piece of aluminum foil in your clothes dryer, it seems to magically reduce static electricity. A true miracle of cheapskate science.
Shoe/boot forms: Wad up balls of old foil and stuff them into leather boots and shoes to help them keep their form when you're not wearing them.
Paint and plaster texture: Use crumpled up foil to add interesting texture to painting and plastering projects. Also when you're painting, old foil is handy for masking doorknobs and other fixtures you don't want painted, and wrapping your paintbrushes and rollers in during a lunch break.
Deter pets and other animals: For no apparent reason, our cat started using our fireplace instead of her liter box. We put a couple of sheets of used aluminum foil on the floor of the fireplace -- which cats, dogs, and other animals can't stand -- to break her of that bad habit. Hang strips of used foil on strings around the garden to deter birds, deer and other unwanted pests, too.
Protect young plants: Make a collar out of used foil to fit loosely around the stems of young tomato plants and other plant starts in order to keep cutworms and other insects at bay.
Make metals shine: Scrub rust off of steel and chrome with a wad of aluminum foil instead of using steel wool -- it works even better. You can also use aluminum foil and simple household products like baking soda and salt to clean silver and gold, with the proper know-how.
Shim a table leg: Ball up some old foil for under the short leg of an uneven table to make it a level field once again.
Scrub grills and baked-on messes: A wad of used foil makes a great scouring pad for cleaning the gunk off BBQ grills and stuck-on food from pots, pans, and inside ovens.
Repair stripped threads: When you have a nut, bolt or screw with stripped threads, wrap a little aluminum foil around the bolt or screw and try gently tightening it again. A quick temporary fix.
And remember your 10th wedding anniversary: Lucky break for your wallet! Believe it or not, 10th wedding anniversaries are traditionally celebrated by exchanging gifts made of aluminum. What could be more romantic than a piece of homemade aluminum foil art?

Source: Don’t Throw That Away!!! The Green Cheapskate, Jeff Yeager


If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes.
- Andrew Carnegie

Make your own Lip Balm!!

Assuming I can find all of the ingredients, this is what I will be attempting to make next (2/15)! Exact recipe and instructions taken from THIS website.

Chamomile Image from:

  • 1/2 tsp. Macadamia Nut oil
  • 1/2 tsp. Jojoba oil
  • 1 tsp. lanolin
  • 1/2 tsp. Cocoa butter
  • 1/2 tsp. Beeswax
  • 1/2 tsp. Chamomile flowers (dried)
     In a double-boiler, melt 1/2 tsp. Macadamia Nut oil, 1/2 tsp. jojoba oil, 1/2 tsp. lanolin and 1/2 tsp. Cocoa butter until it is liquefied.   Add 1/2 tsp. of dried Chamomile flowers and stir gently for about 10 minutes.  Strain the mixture with a very fine sieve into a small Pyrex ramekin and clean the area of the double boiler where you had the mixture (Dry the area well).  Pour the new strained mixture back into the double boiler and reheat.  Add another 1/2 tsp. of lanolin and 1/2 tsp. of beeswax shavings.  Heat and stir until liquefied completely.  Remove from the heat and pour into a 1/2 oz. amber or cobalt container.  This is enough for personal use.  To use on dry hands, or to give as gifts, you'll want to double or triple this recipe.
    This is a very soothing formula that has real "staying" power.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Making the All Purpose Cleaner

So my labels may not be the cutest thing, but a cheap all purpose cleaner is precious :)

CLICK HERE to see the list of ingredients/instructions (by the way 1/2 gallon=8 cups)

Parts and Price:
Well, because the recipe called for ingredients I already had on hand (vinegar and baking soda), I cannot say the exact price. However, I think it is safe to say it is a $5-$7 product to make.

The Process:
Just add the 3 parts together and yippee! you have a cleaner! The one suggestion I would make would be to half the recipe (unless you currently have a spray bottle that can hold 8 cups of cleaner). I ended up mixing the ingredients in a large bowl, then separating into 3 small spray bottles that I had on hand and one cleaner I previously purchased that was nearly out (so 4 bottles total). Even after that I had to dump about 1 cup down the sink. It was a little gratifying watching my $5 cleaner pour into a bottle of cleaner that had cost me almost $20. Hopefully it works just as well! I was also pleasantly surprised at the bubbling and fizzing that took place upon mixing the vinegar and baking soda. I immediately wanted to call my Chemistry teacher (the only class I've ever failed) asking her to rethink my grade.

None here! Just be careful with the vinegar, it could smell like an early Easter if you accidentally spill.

Inexpensive, easily accessible ingredients, easy to make, nice clear color, no real smell.

No comments yet, I considered mopping my kitchen floor with the extra product, but with one flick of the wrist I dumped it down the sink and wished I had more motivation. I am looking forward to using it and hoping it lives up to its name!

Final thoughts on the Fennel Seed Facial cleanser and Green Tea Toner

Image From:

CLICK HERE for my initial thoughts on cost, how difficult/easy it was to create, and directions/ingredients, etc.

After using this product for a few weeks, here are my final thoughts on both:

Fennel seed facial cleanser: 
Cons- The nice hint of lemon smell that I enjoyed initially was gone by the second day. What was left was just the smell of, well, fennel seeds. It does not have a rotten, or even "bad" smell, it is just distinct. Considering you are rubbing it into your face (in close proximity to your nose) it could make or break your decision on future use. I know for myself, it deterred me from grabbing it out of the fridge a few times. That coupled with the fact that it is very cold (from being kept in the fridge) also made me cringe. I think in the summer time the cool feel would be refreshing, but in the midst of the blizzard of 2011 it felt more like an inconvenience.

Pros- It seemed to really work. My face felt firm, clean, and fresh after use. My pores appeared tightened and smaller. I can't speak as to whether or not it officially "cleaned" my skin, but it certainly felt good after use. It is not powerful enough to remove make-up, but it is gentle enough to use as often as you would desire. It was inexpensive (see link above) fairly easy to make with the right utensils, and lasted much longer than anticipated. I would say with 1-3 uses a day it could easily last a month.

Overall- 1-10 I would give this product a 7. I took into account; price, how easy it was to make, and the fact that it actually worked! I would recommend it to anyone looking for a natural, chemical free facial cleanser.

Green tea toner:
Cons- Well, the biggest one would be that it turns your skin green! I quit use of this one fairly early on because there are few public places I felt comfortable going looking like the Hulk :) This product also had to be kept in the fridge, which made for a cold wash.

Pros- The green does come off easily (a splash of water) but it adds a step to cleaning. Also, this one was crazy cheap and easy to make (see link above)! The few times I talked myself into using it, it seemed to work really well. The smell is pleasant and the skin is left feeling firm afterward. I think I actually preferred it between the two, unfortunately, I do not think it's one I will be using again. This one also seemed to last much longer than anticipated.

Overall- The green skin was a deal-breaker for me. Call me a diva, but while I enjoy living a "green" lifestyle, I do not need my face to match.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

My apologies

If you have noticed that my posts have been slacking a bit, you would be noticing correctly. I have recently taken  on several responsibilities that have prevented me (by my own fault) from posting as much as I would like. Please bear with me and know that I will pick back up ASAP. I will still be posting my "making" process of the all purpose cleaner 1/1.

Thanks to all for your continued support!!

*Feel free to comment with your ideas/opinions on any post, or e-mail me at with any comments, questions, or concerns.*

Quote of The Day

"Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings."

Salvador Dali

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