Saturday, February 12, 2011


Humility does not mean thinking less of yourself than of other people, nor does it mean having a low opinion of your own gifts.  It means freedom from thinking about yourself at all. 
-William Temple

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What I will REALLY be making 2/15 DEODORANT!!

CLICK HERE to see the blog (with ingredients and instructions) that I got this recipe from.

If anyone ends up making the lip balm, please let me know!! I would be interested to hear how it turned out.

A snag in the plan... (No lip balm for Lucy)

Image from: Marie Claire

Well, unfortunately, I will not be making lip balm. I went to Whole Foods, eager to swoop up my ingredients, when I realized they carried close to none of them. I decided to go with plan B (making the body lotion I was going to make March 1st). As I started grabbing those ingredients, it became apparent that I would not be making that either. Whole Foods does not carry bees wax, which was an essential ingredient in all of my lotion recipes. Struggling to think of what to make next, I vaguely remembered reading a blog about making deodorant. I pulled up the recipe in the middle of the aisle (thank goodness for smart phones!) and found that all 4 of the ingredients were either in my cupboard at home, or a couple aisles over.

Feeling relieved (especially since this recipe is waaay easier than the lip balm) I decided that I had some extra time to browse and dream. Whole Foods has the same effect on me that a craft store does. Almost every aisle I go down sparks a desire in me to create and explore. Each essential oil I smell takes me on a journey to a different place. From lavender making me want to curl up in a candlelit room and quit taking life so seriously, to spearmint and lemon making me want to try something new and fresh. Needless to say, I probably look like a freak to any potential onlookers. To emphasize the point (of my freaky/creepiness) let me give you a little back story on my appearance tonight...

I was already not feeling up to the task of heading out to the store. The cold air + snow + "all day" sickness that has accompanied me for the past 3 months of this pregnancy have left me with little to no motivation for anything. I gave myself a little pep talk and decided that I would go, but only if I could go "as is." "As is" meaning; not a lick of make-up, uncombed hair, and stretch pants. These are special stretch pants, so old and worn that the drawstring that once pulled them tightly to my body is now missing, creating an awkward quality that is the antithesis of everything attractive. I warn my Husband against lovingly patting me on the hind-side in these pants, for fear his hand may drown in the material.

So with this picture of beauty painted, you may be surprised to hear that I was waltzing around the place like the Bell of the ball. After asking several employees where several products were located, I became the person that mistakes kind employees for friends. I took their kindness as I sign that they were secretly wishing we hung out in real life...because that's what I was secretly wishing. All of the workers there are just so earthy and trendy. To top off my night, an employee who I spoke with earlier checked back on my status "did you find the coconut oil you were looking for?" she asked. I confirmed, and this led into a conversation about what exactly I was making. She immediately asked if she could purchase any of the products I had made. Surprisingly, this isn't the first time I have been asked this, but it always shocks me. I entertained the thought at one point of selling products, but it kind of defeats the purpose of why I started this blog. I started it in order to inspire everyone to become more dependent upon the earth (and themselves!) for products they are already using daily. Kind of an "if you give a man a fish or teach him to fish" thing. I understand that everyone's life is different, and many people are much busier than I, but I think if everyone stops thinking of natural living as optional, and instead as a necessary part of life (in whichever way you can integrate) then making your own  cleaners, skin care products, etc. would just be a part of life! I told the Woman how cheap and easy they are to make yourself, but told her if I decided to start selling them I would keep her posted. I then gave her a creepy wink (a nervous habit that I have started and hate) and walked off. Somewhere in the conversation she had complimented my skin, so needless to say, I was floating as I walked up to the check out counter. I came back to reality as the cashier apologized for being "ridiculously hungover" after going out last night and getting a little "cray cray" I'm assuming that's short for crazy? At that point, I became aware again that Whole Foods is just a store, and I was just a pregnant lady in awkwardly unadjustable pants...

Moral of the story: May be time to start ordering certain ingredients online (which means collecting said ingredients earlier than the night before). Also, have someone who's not quite as dreamy as me, accompany me whenever I make a trip to Whole Foods, or any other pretty organic store :)