Thursday, January 6, 2011

Time to throw out the Microwave?

Here's what they say...


  1. Wow there was a lot of info in this article that I did not know. I have known the microwave is not a good option but then I hear that the aluminum in our cooking pans are bad as well, so then I am left feeling lost. I just got all glass holding dishes to use instead of plastic tuberware. I want to look into glass pots and pans as well.
    I am motivated to get rid of the microwave!

  2. Good work on switching to glass holding dishes! As far as aluminum cookware goes, I am as lost as you. I know that aluminum, in any product, is loosely linked to Alzheimers. That being said, it is incredibly difficult to find non-aluminum cookware that is NOT non-stick and is affordable... may as well be searching for a unicorn! My knowledge on all of this is minimal, but what I have read is overwhelming. My personal solution, is again, doing what I can. I can switch to re-heating foods in my cast iron skillet/oven, which will eliminate both microwaves, and reheating in plastic. Luckily, I have gotten away from "cooking" in my microwave, or purchasing anything that can be "cooked" in a microwave, with the exception of oatmeal :/... but it somehow still gets put into use! If you do find out anymore about alternative cookware, please keep us posted! E-mail me or comment below. Thank you for your input, your diligence in ridding yourself of plastic-ware is encouraging!