Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Making the All Purpose Cleaner

So my labels may not be the cutest thing, but a cheap all purpose cleaner is precious :)

CLICK HERE to see the list of ingredients/instructions (by the way 1/2 gallon=8 cups)

Parts and Price:
Well, because the recipe called for ingredients I already had on hand (vinegar and baking soda), I cannot say the exact price. However, I think it is safe to say it is a $5-$7 product to make.

The Process:
Just add the 3 parts together and yippee! you have a cleaner! The one suggestion I would make would be to half the recipe (unless you currently have a spray bottle that can hold 8 cups of cleaner). I ended up mixing the ingredients in a large bowl, then separating into 3 small spray bottles that I had on hand and one cleaner I previously purchased that was nearly out (so 4 bottles total). Even after that I had to dump about 1 cup down the sink. It was a little gratifying watching my $5 cleaner pour into a bottle of cleaner that had cost me almost $20. Hopefully it works just as well! I was also pleasantly surprised at the bubbling and fizzing that took place upon mixing the vinegar and baking soda. I immediately wanted to call my Chemistry teacher (the only class I've ever failed) asking her to rethink my grade.

None here! Just be careful with the vinegar, it could smell like an early Easter if you accidentally spill.

Inexpensive, easily accessible ingredients, easy to make, nice clear color, no real smell.

No comments yet, I considered mopping my kitchen floor with the extra product, but with one flick of the wrist I dumped it down the sink and wished I had more motivation. I am looking forward to using it and hoping it lives up to its name!

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