Wednesday, February 2, 2011

12 Surprising ways to use aluminum foil

This was shared with me by a reader. Thanks Norma!!

12 Surprising Ways to Reuse Aluminum Foil

Wash it and use it again (and again): Just wash it in soap and water, flatten it out with a rolling pin on the kitchen counter, and it's good as new. (Caution: Foil that has come in contact with raw meat should not be reused for other food purposes.)
Sharpen scissors and garden shears: Fold used foil so that it's six to eight layers thick, then cut thru it a few times with dull scissors to instantly sharpen them. To sharpen hefty garden and pruning shears, fold the foil so that it's even thicker.
Reduce static cling: If you throw a crumpled piece of aluminum foil in your clothes dryer, it seems to magically reduce static electricity. A true miracle of cheapskate science.
Shoe/boot forms: Wad up balls of old foil and stuff them into leather boots and shoes to help them keep their form when you're not wearing them.
Paint and plaster texture: Use crumpled up foil to add interesting texture to painting and plastering projects. Also when you're painting, old foil is handy for masking doorknobs and other fixtures you don't want painted, and wrapping your paintbrushes and rollers in during a lunch break.
Deter pets and other animals: For no apparent reason, our cat started using our fireplace instead of her liter box. We put a couple of sheets of used aluminum foil on the floor of the fireplace -- which cats, dogs, and other animals can't stand -- to break her of that bad habit. Hang strips of used foil on strings around the garden to deter birds, deer and other unwanted pests, too.
Protect young plants: Make a collar out of used foil to fit loosely around the stems of young tomato plants and other plant starts in order to keep cutworms and other insects at bay.
Make metals shine: Scrub rust off of steel and chrome with a wad of aluminum foil instead of using steel wool -- it works even better. You can also use aluminum foil and simple household products like baking soda and salt to clean silver and gold, with the proper know-how.
Shim a table leg: Ball up some old foil for under the short leg of an uneven table to make it a level field once again.
Scrub grills and baked-on messes: A wad of used foil makes a great scouring pad for cleaning the gunk off BBQ grills and stuck-on food from pots, pans, and inside ovens.
Repair stripped threads: When you have a nut, bolt or screw with stripped threads, wrap a little aluminum foil around the bolt or screw and try gently tightening it again. A quick temporary fix.
And remember your 10th wedding anniversary: Lucky break for your wallet! Believe it or not, 10th wedding anniversaries are traditionally celebrated by exchanging gifts made of aluminum. What could be more romantic than a piece of homemade aluminum foil art?

Source: Don’t Throw That Away!!! The Green Cheapskate, Jeff Yeager

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  1. One reader pointed out that we do not yet know the affects of aluminum foil on our health. So perhaps pass on the food related ideas! If anyone has anymore information on this, please share it!