Saturday, August 6, 2011

A little "Leave of Absence"

Hello All! First of all, please let me say THANK YOU sooo much for each of your continued support. I can't believe December will mark 1 year that I've had this blog.

Due to my upcoming due date (I reached full term Friday, yippeee!) I am going to have to take a bit of a hiatus. I'm not stopping the blog... there's SO much I still want to make and so many topics I still want to research/post about (I have scribbles with ideas and reminders all over the place of unturned subject matter I have left to explore) but I just don't want to commit to anything I'm not certain I can deliver on right now. I have already slowed down tremendously on making products and I feel pretty certain that it will all come to a screeching halt right after baby comes. Once we get into a groove, I plan on starting everything back up ASAP when I can fully commit.

I can't give an exact time frame, and I'm hoping to sprinkle in subject matter here and there as I can, but please know that my mission (and you all) wont be forgotten!! I feel like I say this way too much, but thank you all so much for your continued patience and support. I have been hearing so many stories recently of family members and friends that are trying products off the blog and catching the passion to start making products from home, that it makes this sooo much harder to walk away from right now (even if only momentarily). Please keep with it (maybe using this time to catch up on old postings and products?) and PLEASE pass along anything you discover along your journey. I have no idea how to say this without sounding over-the-top and as corny as physically possible, but each of you (and your feedback) are literally my inspiration. THANK YOU!!!!

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