Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Challenge for the New Year...

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Ok, here is the challenge (that I will also be participating in!):

  • Set a goal for an amount of time that you will ONLY eat home cooked meals. I don't necessarily mean 100% from scratch meals, but any meal that you can make at home (excluding microwaveable, and boxed dinners). 
  • Set either an amount of days, or a meal a day that you will vow (for a set length of time) not to go out to eat, or buy dinner in any shape or form. This includes pre-made supermarket meals. I would recommend starting this AFTER the Holiday season when you have more control over what you eat. Ray and I did this for the month of November and made it for about three weeks (all the way up until our birthday week!) 

I will say, I think the benefits of doing this exercise or "challenge" manifest themselves in a few ways: Primarily, it makes you more aware of JUST how often you are going out to eat, or ordering in food. Also, it shows that with a little discipline the prospect of cooking all of your own meals is not as challenging as you had previously anticipated. Lastly, setting it for a select length of time allows you to meet a goal. For you, one day of not ordering/eating out may be an accomplishment. For others, a couple weeks, and for some a couple months! Set a goal for yourself that is a CHALLENGE, but achievable. Once you set the goal don't make it optional. If you do fail, learn from that. What happened to cause you to eat out or order food? For us, it was a special event we wanted to celebrate, who wants to cook on their birthdays :)? Also, I recommend giving yourself a type of food that is a freebie. For us it was sushi. For you it may be ice cream, or sweets. Just make sure your freebie isn't something you would consume daily :)

If you decide to take the challenge, comment below or e-mail me ( the dates you will be attempting the challenge! Once you begin, keep me posted on your progress!!

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