Monday, December 20, 2010

Waste-free way to wrap gifts this year!


I thought of a couple more...
Save bags. Keep the bags/wrapping that you receive gifts in at your Holiday Parties, Christmas gift exchanges, and use them at your family Christmas or next year!

Paper grocery bags. These are great for wrapping! It's like pre-cut wrapping paper!

Save your boxes. Keep any shoe, jewelry, cosmetic, etc. boxes you receive throughout the year and use those to wrap, tie a pretty ribbon around them to jazz them up!

Use Defunct Christmas decorations. Every year when we pull out our decorations we find several ornaments that no longer have a hook, garland that somehow came detached from the rest of the strand, or a random poinsettia/bow that just doesn't go anywhere in the house. Use these to add a little flare to your wrapped gifts!

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