Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Let's talk about Milk!

You can CLICK HERE to read an article on Organic Versus Non Organic Milk, but beyond that, I would like to encourage everyone to try a different kind of milk, Almond milk! My Husband and I have made the switch and we love it! For me, it helped with a lot of post-milk drinking nausea I used to get, but when you read about the benefits, it's hard to resist!

CLICK HERE to read more about Almond milk. If you can't drink a glass of Almond milk straight, I would recommend keeping some on hand to use with coffee/tea or baking (it lasts longer than traditional milk). I wouldn't suggest nixing organic Cow's milk completely out of your diet, but Almond milk can make a great addition!

Our favorite Organic Milk (in the KC area) you can even return the bottle for a discount on your next bottle!


  1. Naithan drinks Almond milk, but the girls did not like the taste. I then found Dark Chocolate Almond Milk!!! Not only does it have all the benefits of regular almond milk it has tons of anti -oxidants from the dark chocolate. The girls love it. One glass has 45% of daily value of calcium w/ half the fat as cow milk.

  2. That's a great idea! I hadn't thought of using the chocolate milk, but it would be a great additive to coffee or cookie mixes! Thanks for sharing!