Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sleep Walking

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What if I told you I knew the secret to great skin, better clarity of thought, better emotional control, stimulation of memory, (and hey, you'll even burn a few calories!) and all you had to do was lay there... doesn't that sound like a "dream?" Well guess what, I'm telling you that! Isn't it nice when your dreams come true :)

Sleep is the easiest (physically!) thing you can do to improve your all over quality of life. There's no personal trainers, no expensive food budget, no stress about how well you can do it, just do it! Some time management comes into play to ensure you're getting your full 7-9 hours, but other than that, just sit back and relax!

For those who cram every minute of every day full of ideas, activities, and plans, SCHEDULE SLEEP. Set your sleep time and do not negotiate. Set an alarm reminder in your phone, or on your calendar, whatever tool/device you use to keep on schedule. Once the alarm is set, make it happen. If you are finding that you never have your day's duties complete before your scheduled shut eye, schedule around your sleep. Reorganize in a way that maintains sleeping as a priority. If there is just nothing that can be taken off of your to do list, reassess how much you are taking on in a day. The bottom line is; if any aspect of your life interferes with a healthy sleep schedule, THAT aspect needs to be revised. No business transaction, social meeting, or fun activity is more important than your sleep. Not to mention, all of these things will suffer without proper sleep. If you are regularly skimping on sleep, I can confidently say there is a part of your life suffering. Plus, sleep is fun! When else can your mind run free and dream without judgement or consequence?

*Disclaimer: there will inevitably be times in your life where lack of sleep is not something that can be helped (early parenthood, college exams, a work project, etc) in these times, sneak in naps where you can and know that "this too shall pass" ;) *

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Is there a time in your life where you personally saw the benefits of improved sleep? Any tips or tricks to share on keeping a sleep schedule and sleeping well? Please share! Comment below or e-mail me at

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