Wednesday, March 16, 2011

First thoughts on making glass cleaner and wood cleaner

CLICK HERE for recipe/ingredients

Glass Cleaner Parts and Price:
(prices will vary depending on size and brand)
1 bottle rubbing alcohol = 
1 bottle vinegar= I already owned, but typically under $2.00
Water= $free.99Total Cost: approx $4.00 for all ingredients. 

Wood Cleaner Parts and Price
(prices will vary depending on size and brand)
1 bottle store brand olive oil=$3.00
1 bottle lemon juice= I already owned, but typically under $3.00

For both of these products you can use old cleaning containers that you already owned, but if you wanted to purchase new ones, you can price those HERE
The Process:
Ridiculously easy to make. Literally just mix the ingredients for each and you're ready to go!
None so far, I am continually shocked at how many uses vinegar has!

Inexpensive, especially since you probably own a majority of these ingredients, and easy to make. Also, seems like it will last a long time.
No comments yet, will try it out this weekend.

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