Tuesday, March 1, 2011

First thoughts on making hair wash and rinse

Not a whole lot to add to this because there's nothing to make (woo hoo!), but I will be using it for the next couple weeks and will post my thoughts on how it worked!

Only thing to add: Apple cider vinegar costs $0.99

CLICK HERE to read all the details on this hair wash/rinse!

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1 comment:

  1. I received a couple questions as to whether or not this would work on all types of hair, including ethnic hair. Also, there are questions about how exactly to apply, etc. My biggest suggestion: google "poo free." There you will easily find all of the answers to any questions you may have about this, and answers to questions you probably didn't even know you had! I had no idea that this was a "movement" that is really big right now, but luckily for us a "poo free" movement means lots of good, free info!! Let me know what you think!

    Side note a/b use on ethnic hair: These concoctions were started by women with African American hair. Everyone's hair texture, length, and type are different, so I would suggest studying up on your exact type, but know that this is guaranteed to work for EVERYONE!