Thursday, June 30, 2011

*Side Note* Don't throw out those soap bar slivers (or hotel bar soaps)!

If your soap bar is down to a little "unusable" sliver, try these ideas to get the full life out it!

Our favorite bar soap. Smells soooo good!

  • Slit a sponge to make a pocket to hold the slivers. Wet and squeeze the sponge for foamy suds. Or fill a sock with soap slivers and use it the same way 
  • Place soap slivers in a sock to use as a body scrubber in the shower
  • Toss leftover soap bars into a blender with water and transform them into a creamy, liquid soap. Pour this substance into empty squeeze bottles, and keep one at each sink.
  • Use the soap to write on windows (i.e. on your car window if you have a car for sale)
  • Leave the slivers in your sock draw to keep everything smelling fresh
  • Keep them all in zip-lock bags and use for travel
  • Shave it down to a powder and use for hand-washed clothes
Some ideas taken from "Emilie's Creative Home Organizer"

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