Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Once again, my apologies

For those of you who are sweet enough and supportive enough of me to notice that my postings have dwindled, thank you SO much for your patience and understanding. This blog brings me an incredible amount of joy and like an old friend, I think of it often when I am away from it for too long. I have a long list of excuses (moving, a 21 month old, full-time school...) but I know life isn't going to slow down and I want to make this a priority.

That being said, I think I am going to have to cut back on the amount of products I am making for awhile. With 8 weeks 'til sweet baby girl #2 gets here, I don't want to over-commit and under-deliver. I haven't decided what the perfect balance is yet, so for now, I will take it one product at a time and kind of set finish dates as I go. Thank you all again for your support and encouragement. It means the world to me!!

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