Thursday, June 30, 2011

*Side Note* What to do with leftover beverages

If you have extra lemons or leftover lemonade, squeeze fresh lemons and juice in ice cube trays. Transfer the frozen cubes into freezer bags. Defrost for fresh lemon juice anytime, or drop a cube in a glass of water for a lemony kick.

Freeze extra coffee in ice-cube trays. Add the cubes of iced coffee for an extra-strength brew. Or whirl the cubes in the blender with ice cream, milk, or chocolate milk for a coffee slush. You can also enrich meat gravies with coffee for a robust flavor. Coffee in frosting makes for a luscious mocha cream.

Most any beverage can be frozen in an ice cube tray to use later as an added kick to any drink. Good luck experimenting!

*Several tips taken from Emilie's Creative Home Organizer*

What do you do with your leftover liquids?

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