Saturday, July 16, 2011

Benefits of Lanolin, Vitamin E, Honey, and Vegetable Glycerin

If you're like me, you like knowing the "whats" and "whys" of the different products you use. Like "why is that good to use" or "what exactly does that do?" So I've taken the main ingredients for the lip-gloss and broken down those answers for you below. These are very brief descriptions, but will give you an idea of the part each ingredient plays. Click the product name for a link with more information.

Lanolin: A waxy oil derived from sheep's skin. This ingredient traps moisture into the skin and draws humidity from the air in, creating a great source of hydration for skin/hair.

Vitamin E: An antioxidant that has great benefits whether ingested orally or applied topically. Can reduce acne, help to reduce scarring, work as a protector against sun damage and other pollutants, also moisturizes skin.

Honey: When applied to skin- attracts and retains moisture, has anti-inflammatory properties that can help heal wounds, filled with anti-oxidants that fight off free radicals giving it an anti-aging property.

Vegetable Glycerin:  An earth friendly, popular cosmetic additive. A natural source of moisture that also retains moisture making it a great skin softener. Not only makes skin look good, may have a positive affect on skin conditions.

So now you know a little more about these products (yet another bonus of making products from home, you can recognize and customize every ingredient in your products, no unnecessary preservative or chemicals)!

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