Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Carrier oils and Tea Tree Oil

I received this comment from a reader:
I just used my tea tree oil today on a cut on my finger.  It drew out some of the infection and started to dry up the cut immediately .....  however, I do also state that the oil is very strong. I have a friend who used the oil on her babys severe diaper rash  and to her dismay  the oil "burned"  babys skin  something terrible . 

Because Tea Tree oil is such a multi-dimensional oil, I wanted to post some information on carrier oils that pair well with essential oils. I would never suggest using any essential oil by itself, regardless of use. Here are some sites with more info on carrier oils.

Site 1

Site 2

Site 3

It is easy to delve into the world of naturals and begin use before doing any research, because we assume; if it's natural, it's safe no matter what! I say "we" because this is a mistake I continue to make. While I do wholeheartedly believe that natural products and substances derived from the earth are safer than chemical products, there are ways to use, and misuse them. From my short experience, a little research really pays off. Typically, I find not only the safest, most effective way to use the product, but my eyes are opened to a vast amount of uses that I would have never thought of previously.These essential oils really pack a punch, they are loaded with so many amazing qualities, benefits and remedies, and many times all it takes is a drop! All of this being said, go explore!! Don't let your lack of knowledge keep you from using a product that may literally change your life! Just do a little studying - nowadays studying=20-30 minutes of clicking around online :)

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