Monday, March 7, 2011

A note about tea tree oil

It was brought to my attention by a friend of mine that tea tree oil may, or may not, be something to avoid while pregnant. While there are no real conclusive studies, it seems like it's one of those "not sure, so better avoid it for now" things that we pregnant woman can add to our ever growing list. As I did a little further "research" (is it research if you are just googling and reading a lot?) and found that a couple sites suggest staying away from any essential oils until postpartum (or done breastfeeding). Most sites said nothing about having to stay away, in fact a few encourage use of essential oils to help with various pregnancy woes (stretch-mark treatment, aids to help milk come in, etc). So if nothing else, all of the info made me think. I posted on some "natural momma" and "eco-friendly" boards online to get their views, and the consensus was pretty much the same on a few things:

1. It is suggested that most essential oils (whether pregnant or not) be used with a carrier oil, or diluted in some state.

2. If you were to google the names of chemicals and ingredients in most store bought beauty and household items, more than likely you would quickly be able to find information suggesting one or more of these ingredients should not be used while pregnant. So basically, stick with what you feel more comfortable with. (For me, that's as many plant/earth based ingredients as possible).

3. Use everything in moderation, just like you would non-homemade items. Meaning, if I do continue to use my tea tree oil deodorant (or other essential oils), keep it to a minimum and use sparingly.

The jury is still out on whether or not I will completely ban essential oils for the duration of my pregnancy, but because tea tree oil is (very) loosely linked to possible negative side effects while pregnant, I will probably finish out this batch of deodorant and either forgo adding an oil all together, or pick a milder addition. I do feel safe finishing this batch because it is diluted with coconut oil and baking soda.

Would love to hear any thoughts that you all may have on the topic!

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