Thursday, April 14, 2011

First thoughts on making Bronzer

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Bronzer Parts and Price
(this varies a lot depending on which ingredients you decide to use. You can use anything from just cinnamon+sugar or cornstarch, to nutmeg + cocoa, or a combination of ALL the ingredients below).

I liked the smell of the "rose otta" EO better, but that glorious smell came with a not so glorious price tag.

Organic Cacoa Powder: $7.99
Rosemary Essential oil: $5.39 (chose Rosemary because it was the least expensive of the 3 options: rose otto, lavendar, or rosemary)
Organic Nutmeg: $2.49
(already had organic cornstarch and cinnamon)

I was hesitant to put this in the bronzer compact I am currently using because I wanted it for back-up, but now that sparks are flying and a new romance is budding, I think I will be switching it over.

The Process:
Mix desired powders together (in desired proportions) and if so choose, add essential oil. I just kind of put a "pinch of this" and a "pinch of that" in. I chose to use all of the powders listed because I wanted to be able to experiment with each application until I found the right mix. 

Not sure how important the essential oil was. I have nothing to compare it to, but didn't seem to make the powder more "compact." Also, if you don't own any of these ingredients and decide to use all of them, it can be a real investment at first $15+.

Chemical free. Again, love that I am putting edible ingredients onto my skin. I also love the fact that I could go to sleep one night without cleaning my face and I wouldn't be stressed about it in the least bit. Although it can be costly to purchase everything at first (some bronzers, especially organic, cost $15+ regardless) it is like the never ending bronzer. I mean, I think it would take me at least a year to run through all of these ingredients? I also like that I can change it up with my skin tone. I hate choosing bronzers because whatever I buy in the summer most definitely wont work for me into the winter. With this, I can literally adjust it (if I want to) every time I apply. 

So I clearly have no other make-up on in this pic and I am far from "fresh faced" but I just wanted to show how natural looking the bronzer is. I didn't put any on my neck so you could see the contrast. In the future, I will probably put a few more coats for a darker look.
I was going to wait until the morning to try this, but I was just too anxious to see if it worked. I fell in love immediately. It's soooo lightweight and it smells good (not too strong, but a hint of yummy). I hate face make-up in general, I can never get myself to wear foundation or powder, but I started buying bronzer about a year ago in search of something that would kind of even me out and wouldn't be too suffocating. Even though bronzer is lighter than foundation, I still feel yucky whenever I put it on. I can't name any of the ingredients in it, and it just kinda sits on your face. With this (especially knowing what we do about cinnamon) the feeling didn't bother me at all, and I could care less if any of the ingredients sank into my pores, help yourself!

Will update 5/1/11 after two weeks of use.

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