Monday, May 2, 2011

Final Review on Homemade Bronzer

 CLICK HERE to read parts, price, and my first thoughts on making the bronzer.

Those are the brushes I use. They have several different sets available depending on what you need and are very affordable.

My Final Thoughts:
Cons- Takes some trial and error to get the right color. Not "compact" meaning it is a very loose powder which can make application a little more tedious.

Pros- Again, easy to make, chemical free, and most importantly, it works! I love the bronze color/shimmer that it gives. It takes some getting used to, learning how to apply it properly and how much of each spice to use (i.e. if you want a darker color you may want to add more cocoa or nutmeg).

Overall- I am going to continue using it because it really works. I think it is going to be an ongoing experiment for a little while until I get it "perfect." I am considering re-making it, but attempting to make it more compact (by actually smashing it down in a compact and letting it set). Not sure if it will work, but I think that with the essential oil binding it, it may... Also, I really do like the color I get with it. It is very subtle and very natural. There is no "orangey" look that you get from some store-bought bronzers. I also like that it is highly adjustable. If I want a daytime look I can just sprinkle some cornstarch in the lid and mix it with the rest for a lighter glow. Finally, I love that it is completely made up of spices. Besides being inexpensive, I can wear it morning til night without worrying about my skin and what's going into my pores. 

*I am also experimenting with adding different creams to see if I can make kinda of a liquid foundation/moisturizer... will update!*

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