Sunday, February 13, 2011

Final Reviews on All Purpose Cleaner

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CLICK HERE to see my review on price, products, and process while making the all purpose cleaner.

My final thoughts:
Cons- The vinegar. Granted, I am pregnant, so almost every smell is overpowering to my bloodhound schnoz... taking that into account, the vinegar smell bothered me. I barely noticed it when "spot cleaning" (using little sprays here and there to wipe up a mess) but when I did some heavy duty cleaning with it Friday (testing it on every surface to see just how "all purpose" it was) I was overwhelmed with the feeling that I should throw on an Easter Sunday appropriate dress to finish scrubbing down the shower. Other than the vinegar smell, I noticed that the cleaner left a film on some surfaces (i.e. glass and wood). It is very necessary to clean with circular motions while using this cleaner on most surfaces, mostly because you have to really rub it in to prevent streaking.

Pros- The first thing I have to brag on with this cleaner is that it really works! It got put to the test in my home almost immediately. My 18 month old had a pen explode in her hand and in an attempt to get clean, wiped her hands all over the bathroom. From the toilet, to the cabinets, to the walls, and door our bathroom looked like that blueberry chick from Willy Wonka exploded. I knew I would have to act fast, so I grabbed the first thing I could reach (which happened to be my little homemade cleaner) and put it to the test. It IMMEDIATELY got the pen out of the vanity, cabinet doors (faux wood), door, and toilet. It also easily pulled the ink out of the tile floor. The only place it did not work instantly was the door frame. I was immediately sold. I then fell in love all over again as I stopped mid-scrub to see that my project manager (the aforementioned 18 month old) had picked the cleaner up while my back was turned and stuck it in her mouth. I went to grab it out of her mouth, but I didn't have to, apparently the taste of vinegar works even quicker than Mommy. My first thought was "wow, what if that had been bleach or some other chemical cleaner?" I am in NO WAY condoning giving your child this cleaner as a lollipop, but I was instantly reminded how important it is to rid my house of chemicals and toxins. As I am learning, there really is no need for them. While the cleaner worked wonderfully in my kitchen, I still reverted to my Lysol wipes for areas that were near or touched by raw meat. I wasn't sure of the disinfectant powers that this cleaner had. Upon further research, I found these articles (CLICK HERE and HERE to read) which gave me a little more clarity. Anyone who has further information on this fact, please share!

Overall- I would recommend this cleaner. I think recommending it as an "all purpose/surface" cleaner may be stretching it's capabilities a bit, but I think "most purposes/surfaces" cleaner would be an accurate description. It is ridiculously cheap, ridiculously easy to make, and mostly effective... what more is there to say?!? It's a great cleaner to have on hand and feel safe about. You can clean highchair trays, plastic toys, counter-tops, most bathroom fixtures, and most "non-wood" and "non-glass" surfaces spectacularly. Plus, I get the feeling it's going to last forever. 1-10 this product gets an 8.5 from me.

*Have you made/used this cleaner? Will you? Do you have a cleaner you have made and love, or do you remember one your parent or grandparent used to use? Please share! Comment below or e-mail me at "Subscribe via e-mail" to receive updates whenever a new product is made. Thanks!!*

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