Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A few simple tips for eating organic on a budget

Start by buying only the MOST important things organically!

CLICK HERE to view those things.

CLICK HERE to see foods that should be lowest on your list (for buying organically).

Also, try focusing on spending more of your money on produce than meat. Try to shake the idea that you must have some type of meat at every meal. Cutting back your meat intake will be healthier for you, and your budget! Instead, use that money towards trying new vegetables, or adding more of them to your diet!

Support your local farmers, buy from them! CLICK HERE to find farmers/farmer's markets near you. 

Start a trade system. Find people who are passionate about eating organically, and set up a free trade (i.e. you grow the veggies, I'll grow the fruit!)

Make a list! This may seem like it doesn't belong, but it's very important. Start by putting your "no compromise" items. Things that are most important to you, then work from there. Make meals around those items, or find what you don't necessarily need so that you can purchase what's more important to you. Planning BEFORE you hit the aisles and become overwhelmed with choices and decisions will save you time (and a headache!) in the supermarket. *A few extra minutes planning at home will translate into several minutes taken off of your shopping time!*

Remember, some produce is better than no produce! If you can't afford organic this trip, don't let it keep you from getting those fruits and veggies!

Most importantly, don't become overwhelmed! You don't need every soap, lotion, and food product made by every organic company. Find the things that are most important to you (I suggest starting with food:produce) and work from there. Any change is great! 

Have some tips to share? Comment below or e-mail me at naturallynourishing@gmail.com to share!!!

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