Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Mission (Yikes!)

At present, my main focus will be beauty and cleaning products. I know these are random selections, but they are the two types of products that I have left completely untapped. I have never attempted to MAKE either.

Task 1: On the 1st and 15th of every month I will make either a beauty or cleaning product. I will attempt to make products with as many "real" ingredients as possible (meaning no 37 letter chemicals, etc). I will document the process; rating how affordable it was, how accessible the ingredients were, and how much effort it took to create.

Task 2: I will use that product for 2 weeks (as needed) then attempt to rate how useful it was, whether or not I would recommend it, and what I would do differently next time.

Task 3: In addition to the above tasks, I will periodically:
*Try to post different food recipes I am trying (that are as homemade as possible, made up of "real" ingredients... i.e. no pre-packaged, preservative filled, man-made type things)
*Post any new material I am reading on all things organic/homemade
*Post hints, tips, or ideas for living a life "closer to the earth" that I pick up

I have enabled comments on my posts because I would sincerely like to hear from the readers. If you have any knowledge/information that would be helpful to my process, let me know! If you have a recipe, potion, suggested reading, etc. you would like to e-mail please do so at: I may use the information you send me in a blog post!

One last thing, JOIN ME!!!! Come with me on this journey of discovery! I will put the source/recipe/ingredients of each new thing I am trying. Attempt them with me and let's do this thing together, encouraging each other and pushing each other forward!

Look forward to starting January 15,2011!!!!



  1. The best someone said to me one time was "is there one thing you can do today to improve your health?" Well of course we can and one thing is not overwhelming! I remember when I started cooking with whole wheat flour and brown rice etc. my family did not like it, so I starting just adding a little bit of whole wheat to the white flour and a little bit more each time until they acquired a taste for the whole wheat and brown rice. Now we do not even like the taste of the white pasta - which is huge for my family who are big pasta eaters. Once you start eating "fresh" it is very hard to eat processing foods.

  2. I totally agree! Being creative, open minded, and persistent is the key to success in this area of life. Not becoming overwhelmed but staying encouraged by taking on one task at a time is the best way to see a big change in the future! Thanks for the ideas and comments!!