Friday, December 17, 2010

Try a new vegetable!

Try Bok Choy! CLICK HERE to read about the health benefits. This is a great vegetable for someone who doesn't like vegetables! Incredibly healthy, but incredibly mild tasting. I like to make it with noodles b/c it is a gentle accompaniment, when cooked holds the same texture as noodles, and doesn't overpower the flavor. It's a bit like an onion in that it's crunchy before being cooked, but soft after. This is a great one to puree! Toss it into a salad or sauce and no one will be the wiser! For those with little ones who are new eaters, this makes a great starter food (once pureed), serve it plain or mixed with steamed veggies, my daughter loved it!

Have you tried bok choy? What are you thoughts on it? Do you have a recipe with bok choy? Share in the comments below or e-mail me at


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