Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Starting a Garden (part 5)

Another family member's interest got sparked, and she is jumping on board! Here is her convo with drr.

C says: "I am scared to death of this task, but am very interested! The veggies I use often are onion, carrots, peppers, lettuce, bok choy, tomatoes. Are any of these possible. I also need to get some herbs going. If you think you can walk me through it I am game to try!"

drr says: Of course, we will work on this together.

1. This is a good first step -- making a list of what you want to grow.
2. Start collecting or purchase the containers in which to start your seeds. I bought the seed starter containers at Dollar Tree for $1 each. You could also collect a number of small cups (4 or 6 oz size). 
3. Start collecting also 12 and 16 oz cups for later.
4. Purchase a large bag of potting mix (organic is available). 
5. Be sure you have some gardening gloves.

Next it is good to plan the design of your Square Foot Container. That way you know how many seeds to plant for starters. I'll write about that later.


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