Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Starting a Garden (part 1)

An aunt of mine recently started a box garden. She has been updating us on her progress, and with her permission, I will be posting those as she sends! (Her words in italics)

Hey guys!

I'm trying to start these vegetables from seeds. Then we are going to plant them in containers and a "square foot" garden plot on back patio. Hope I can get enough sun. I think I need 6-8 hour per day.

For more on square foot gardening see the following web sites:

www.squarefootgardening.org, www.mysquarefootgarden.net 

and/or google 'square foot garden'....

Be sure to check page 2 of the spreadsheet to see how I plan to lay out our square foot garden.

I am calling this an austerity/prosperity garden!


The vegetable list and plant date:
Beans, Pole 3/12/2011
Cucumber 3/12/2011
Okra 3/12/2011
Zucchini 3/14/2011
Lettuce, Bibb 3/12/2011
Lettuce, Simpson 3/12/2011
Radish 3/14/2011
Peppers, Sweet Mix Plant indoors for 8 weeks 3/16/2001
Peas 3/16/2011
Summer Squash  3/16/2011

Copied from spreadsheet, apologize for weird formatting!

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