Friday, April 1, 2011

Write an entry for Naturally Nourishing!

Hello All!

As you may have noticed, I try to incorporate Readers's thoughts/stories/projects that in some aspect apply to natural/sustainable/organic living as much as possible. I do this because it's really a big part of why I started this blog. Other than chronicling my trial and error with homemade products, I really wanted to create a little community of other like-minded individuals who are on the journey with me. In order to comment here, there's no need to be an expert or 30+ year practicer of this lifestyle. Beginners and people as clueless as me are welcome!

So I am extending an invitation to anyone who would like to share any experience they have had with a more natural lifestyle. This can be anything from a homemade recipe, to an experience with an organic product, or what you do with empty containers, or how you cut back on water use. There is no topic too great or small. The more mundane and simple your tip is, the more it will apply to people's every day lives.

You can e-mail your short blurb or extensive novel to me at and I will post here. Look forward to seeing what you all send!

*If you have any pictures to add, please do!*

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