Friday, April 1, 2011

Final Reviews on Wood Cleaner and Glass Cleaner

CLICK HERE to read list of ingredients and instructions.
AND HERE to read my first thoughts on parts, price, and process of making these products.

Look at that wood glistening :) that corner hutch has never looked better! (The dining room table has a "distressed" finish, so don't worry, the cleaner didn't do that!)

My Final Thoughts:
Cons- None really come to mind. Hmmm... if I was trying to think of one I think I would say that the wood cleaner is a little thick so you have to reapply to your cloth more often than some store bought cleaners.

Pros- These cleaners are both so easy to make, not to mention they work! What more can you ask for? The glass cleaner works just as well as any store bought cleaner I have used, and the wood cleaner works better than the previous cleaner I was using. If I listen close enough, I can almost hear my dining room table gulping it up as I rub it in :). I feel like prior to using this cleaner the wood surfaces in my house were dry and weary, and now they look fresh off a tree, gleaming. I never knew they looked were so thirsty 'til I saw them glowing after using this cleaner. Also, I loved that the oil in the wood cleaner was olive oil. I normally hate the oily residue that gets on my fingers when using cleaners like these, but somehow knowing it was just olive oil freaked me out less. I didn't have the constant urge to wash it off my hands while I was cleaning. Matter of fact, I could have let it settle in and given myself a free hand softening treatment. Bottom line, these cleaners rock!

Overall- No reason not to make these! The wood cleaner can be seen as a little bit of an investment when you're first collecting the ingredients (due to the olive oil) but because it's an oil cleaner, it will last you quite a while. Remember, get the cheapest oil possible. No need to pay homage to Rachel Ray and get EVOO. Also, I love, love, love the fact that my 18 month old could literally use our coffee table as a lollipop and I wouldn't be stressing about what chemicals she's getting in her system. Because the glass cleaner has rubbing alcohol in it, I would consider it maybe less toxic, but not chemical free, so this one isn't quite as game-changing... A funny side story: shortly after making my wood cleaner, I saw my daughter with the little jar I keep it in. I didn't think much about it because it was securely closed and it's just lemon juice and olive oil anyway, so I was letting her carry it around pretending to help me clean. When she was a little too silent, I looked down and realized some residue must have settled on the outside of the container. She was wiping the sides of the jar with her fingers and sticking them in her mouth. I took the cleaner away because it grossed me out more than anything, but it was an instant confirmation that these projects are so worth it! It is amazing that I have spent many nights trying to coax her into eating my homemade meals, and yet I put a little lemon juice and olive oil together and she has a new favorite snack. Don't worry, I won't be uncapping the jar and letting her guzzle it any time soon ;)

Here are my two fancy containers. I put the glass cleaning solution in an old empty spray cleaner, then wrote the "recipe" on the back so I'd remember it when it ran out. The wood cleaner is to the right. The white cloth (baby's old burp cloth) is what I use to apply.

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