Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dryer Balls

As I peruse through various "eco-friendly" sites, web forums, and message boards, there are occasionally items that I can't get away from. Mentions of a certain product that keep popping up, regardless of my search topic. THIS is one of them. Dryer Balls. I first heard mention of these about 2 years ago, when I was pregnant with my first. Instead of doing any research, or attempting to find any information about them, I just decided "I keep hearing about these, everyone swears by them saying they're eco-friendly and chemical free, I need to get some." So I wrote "dryer balls" on my grocery list having no clue what exactly that was, or what it looked like, but I figured I'd find them. Sure enough, I stumbled upon dryer bars. "This must be it" I thought. I had assumed the balls would be more, well, ball-like, but (obviously) not one to put much thought into these things, I tossed it in my cart and have been buying them ever since.

Then I had a light-bulb moment a couple days ago. I stumbled across yet another person raving about these eco/family friendly balls and I got a little annoyed, I'd been using them and didn't see how they were so environmentally great? So I did the unthinkable, I googled it. As soon as I clicked "enter" on my keyboard I saw my mistake. These dryer balls WERE actually balls! Not only that, they WERE eco-friendly and chemical free... they were made of wool! They can be purchased fairly inexpensively or of course, made at home.

Needless to say, I feel like a moron  (and will be making the switch). I wish I would have looked into this just a smiiiiidge further before becoming a dryer bar buyer, but now I know... and now you know! Try 'em out!

I also want to add, they sell rubber versions of these that may be easier to locate in stores.

No need to get boring old dryer balls! Cute ones like these are available on Etsy. Ones like these sold by "Ela's Idea" on Etsy.

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